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Weekly Specials

$14 each Pet VaccinationsVaccination (Mondays-Saturdays)—Examination may be required.  Rattlesnake vaccine excluded.  Call 445-4296 for details and appointment.


10% OFF Spays & Neuters – Wed. & Fri.
(cats and dogs only)


Heartworm Package for Dogs—Includes FREE HEARTWORM TEST!
($25 value) and 12-month Heartworm Prevention Medication
Price depending on dog’s size


$25 Rebate for Dogs!  Purchase 12 months of Heartworm Prevention (Heartgard Plus) and 6 months of Nexgard (a monthly chewable flea and tick prevention) and receive a $25 rebate check from Merial, the drug manufacturer.  As a courtesy, we even mail in the forms for you! *In addition, with this purchase of the 12 months of Heartgard, your dog will receive a FREE Heartworm Test too!  A current examination by our doctors is required by law.  Ask us for details and to schedule an appointment.


 NOW Tuesday through Friday get 45% OFF ROUTINE DENTAL CLEANING PACKAGE 
*Appointments required. Call for details. 795-7016

 Routine Dental Cleaning Package includes:

  • Before Dental Exam and Cleaning

    In-house Blood Testing—including Blood Chemistries and manual PCV, blood clotting time for cats and dogs and Heartworm testing (dogs only).”

  • IV catheter and fluids during the procedure
  • General Anesthesia—using Isoflorane, a commonly used gas anesthesia
  • Vitals monitoring—prior to and during anesthesia and at recovery
  • Free oral exam while your pet is under anesthesia, so we can more accurately evaluate the status of your pet’s oral health
  • Dental X-rays (as needed) 

    After Dental Exam and Cleaning

  • Scaling and polishing your pet’s teeth with a ultrasonic scaler and high-speed polisher
  • Antibiotic injection
  • Nursing care by our trained and caring technicians
  • Daytime hospitalization (Pets are admitted in the morning and typically released by mid- to late-afternoon. We close at 8pm.)
  • Free dental products to take home

*You can’t always see dental problems when they occur UNDER the gums. This is why Dental X-Rays are an important diagnostic tool.
* For health and safety reasons, current vaccinations and a current exam that has been done here are required.

* Extractions, additional services, or procedures than what is listed above and extra medications are NOT included in our Routine Dental Cleaning Package; thus will be an additional expense and not discounted.
Call 795-7016 for more details, pricing, and to schedule an appointment.